Thursday, November 3, 2011


God is infinite, unchangeable and eternal. The world is not.
I think we are so caught up in all the constant changes of
our world we forget this. It is also a realization that some
of us have not arrived at yet because we haven't yet
needed to be comforted by his unchangeable nature.
I recently sought the comfort of his unchangeable nature
in the face of dishonesty of long time friends. Just like
that, change was all around soaked in disappointment and upset.
Some friendships you feel are forever but nothing really is
except for Our Father in Heaven. He is our one true constant
in the face of change. Such an amazing comfort when you
really meditate on it!
While these relationships have ended, this trial gave birth
to some pretty amazing events in my life and the lives of
my children!
"Never place a period where God has placed a comma"-
Gracie Allen

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  1. How do we discern "periods" from "commas?" I believe one of the things we are called upon to do as Christians is to try more and more to see the world through God's eyes. My current understanding of "righteous" is "thinking, saying, and doing the right thing as viewed through God's eyes," which may be very different than the world seen through my eyes. A period to me may be a comma to God.


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